Why donate? Because we’re all one or two paychecks away from being in need

We saw a man on the street, begging, on 7/24/13. We decided to walk up to him to see if he needed pet food. He said no, but after talking a little while he admitted he could use a chew toy & bowl for the stray husky & kitten he found. He tried to find the original owners, but neither animal was ever claimed. So he took them in, to care for them as best as he could. He committed to caring for them, for as he put it, “people can live anywhere, but pets need us to care for them.”

As life changes, families are finding themselves having to make the choice of feeding & keeping their pets or providing for themselves. Sadly but understandably, the pet has to come second and too many lose their homes and their lives because their families can’t afford to feed them. Some families go homeless so they can keep their pets.

That’s where PPP comes in. We can distribute as much as 5,000 pounds of pet food, serve over 350 families, and feed over 1,400 pets all in one month. That can add up to over 60,000 pounds of pet food, thousands of families served, and tens of thousands of animals saved in a year’s time. We hope to add nutrition to our mission. Pet food donations are repackaged and distributed from one location in the Springs area. Supplies are cleaned if needed & redistributed into the community. Cash donations go to help purchase food when our supply is low, special diets as needed, fuel and storage costs, insurance, phone cost, and vehicle repairs and maintenance as needed.