10 Copywriting Mistakes That Dilute & Weaken Your Messaging

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10 Copywriting Mistakes That Dilute & Weaken Your Messaging

Avoid self-sabotage in your marketing. Check your copywriting for these mistakes that weaken your messaging.

How To Find Clients The WRONG Way: 3 DEADLY Outreach Mistakes (with Stefan Georgi)

How To Scale Your Copywriting Business & Land More Clients With Stefan Georgi
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Wondering why your cold outreach strategy isn’t working? ���� Here’s the brutally honest opinion of two copywriters, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have received hundreds of terrible cold outreach emails…

In this EXCLUSIVE interview with my good friend, serial entrepreneur, and fellow copywriter – Stefan Georgi, you’re going to hear us riff on all sorts of juicy copywriting topics.

Things like…

✅ How to thrive in your freelance business during a recession.
✅ How A.I. is impacting the industry.
✅ If copywriting can really help you “get rich quick”.
✅ How to generate passive income as a copywriter (without creating an offer or product).

And of course…

�� We chat all about what NOT to do in a cold outreach email.

Stefan talks about two of the worst cold outreach emails he’s ever received (WARNING: one of them may or may not have involved a hairy butt).

And he dissects 3 of the biggest cold outreach mistakes he sees being made over and over…

And most importantly…

What you should do instead if you want your cold outreach email to stand out, leave an impact, and get you hired.

This interview is full of practical, real-world advice that will help you land more clients and build a successful copywriting business that actually lasts.

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About Stefan
Stefan is a copywriter and serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded 9 different businesses that have scaled to at least 7 figures – with several of those businesses reaching the 8 or 9 figure mark.

Through his copywriting, he’s sold over $1BN worth of products online — writing for some of the biggest names in the direct response industry, including VShred and Golden Hippo.


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Do You Know These 10 Tech Troubles That Can RUIN Your Amazing Copy?

Every copywriter dreads the moment they discover…their copy didn’t perform well.

Sometimes your audience didn’t resonate with your copy. Sometimes you just need to test different variations of your copy. But don’t jump to conclusions about the quality of your copy just yet! First, look into what non-copy problems could have come up.

Why? ➡️ Because even the most showstopping copy can’t overcome bad technical problems! ⬅️

As a copywriter, you could write the most magnetic copy ever…yet still have a poor conversion rate.

In this video, I want to cover some potential reasons your copy isn’t converting (that have NOTHING to do with your writing!)

As a copywriter, you’re generally not in charge of the back-end technical side of using your copy. But knowing technical troubles that can prevent conversion is invaluable.

✅ You’ll be reassured that your copy isn’t the only thing guiding conversions.
✅ You’ll be able to explore what the hangup might be.
✅ You’ll offer more value to your clients when you can help them troubleshoot copy that isn’t converting.

00:00 Troubleshooting technical issues around conversion-focused copywriting
01:26 A bad mobile view or a website that isn’t mobile-ready
03:13 A long load time
03:58 A page that isn’t indexed
04:41 Broken links
05:08 Hard to close pop-ups
06:38 Duplicating content on your website
07:20 Poor website navigation
08:14 Bad referrals
09:24 Too many clicks
10:17 Going to the spam folder


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How To NOT Write Copy: 8 Bad Copywriting Examples & Marketing Fails

8 BAD COPYWRITING EXAMPLES | New video every week! Subscribe here:

Have you ever seen an ad or headline so bad that it makes you wonder — yikes. How did no one spot THAT? Here are 8 cringeworthy copy fails that will have you think twice before pushing publish! Because let’s face it, sometimes the best way to grow is to learn what not to do. 

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10 Copywriting Tips & Triggers To Be INSANELY More Persuasive ⚡

10 Practical Psychology Techniques To Use In Your Sales Copy
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There are no magical words that can hypnotize your audience to magically take out their credit and give you money – but there are some proven and practical psychology techniques based on the study of us weird humans that can help make your copywriting exponentially more persuasive.

These copywriting tips are based on powerful and proven sales techniques that you can use in your sales copy to provoke emotion and action by activating your customer’s “internal motivators”.

Many of these psychological triggers I learned from one of the top experts in the field of human persuasion — Dr. Robert Cialdini, who wrote the bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. If you haven’t read that book I definitely recommend it. In fact it’s one of my top 5 favorite books on copywriting and marketing (see all 5 here:

The list I’m sharing with you today is only a handful of the Copy Posse Approved psychological triggers I train on inside my live copywriter coaching program — the Copy Posse Launch Pad. It’s currently closed for enrolment but you can get your hands on the insider recordings, formulas and guides below:



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