Author: Dan Lawson

Why You Should Add Water To Your Pet’s Food

Most commercial pet food will be found in dry form. This is one of the prime strategies most manufacturers have put in place to ensure that their products have a long shelf-life as this plays a significant advantage in avoiding huge losses. More to that, most pet owners have over the years held this myth that it only dry food that will help in keeping the teeth of their pets clean.


 Adding water to your pets’ food is one of the finest ways you can put in place to ensure that your pet stays healthy all the times. In addition, this act of adding water to your pets’ food is virtually cost-free and straightforward. It will also be a way of expressing love and care to your pet. Here are just but a few reasons as to why you should add water to your pet’s dinner bowl;

  • Helps In Increasing Water Intake

This act is of the significant need for pets, especially cats who are notorious for not drinking enough water on their own. This is also the same case you will tend to find with some dogs. Keeping your pet well hydrated always is vital as it helps in promoting and maintain good health. 

So adding little water to the dinner bowl of this lovely little ones is very crucial, especially if you love and mean good about their welfare. The act of adding water to the bowl of your pet can be considered as an act of killing two birds with only one stone as it will help in softening hard food and at the same time make your pet drink water without it even noticing about it.

  • Improve Overall Digestion Process

Dry kibble-base diet can at times be too hard to digest, especially with some pets and therefore by adding a little water, you will be doing a great favor to your pet.  Also, by adding water, you will be inducing proper absorption of the available nutrients in a given food.

Furthermore, it worth noticing that digestive sensitivity of your pet varies by the food particle size. This makes the overall act of adding water more critical since it will help to break food particles size through softening them and in turn, enhance digestion.

  • Stimulates Appetite

If your pet is not eating enough per a given day, then you should consider adding water since that is the simplest and the straightforward remedy you have at hand. By adding water to your pet’s food, you allow those dry kibble to release their aroma and flavor, which will, in return spark the curiosity in your pet. 

So, to enable the aroma and all the present flavors come out in full range, it is wise to consider using warm water. Doing this, you will be able to capture the attention and curiosity of your pet, and he will end up feeding more of what you have offered.

  • Slows Down Food Intake

Eating speed is one of the greatest influential factors in the health of your lovely pet. If it’s too low, then there is a problem since your pet will probably not feed enough per a given meal. Looking it from the other side, if your pet is eating too fast, this also has some consequences since your pet is most likely to develop a couple of health problems. 

In fact, research has over the years showed that large dog breeds dogs are most likely to develop Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (GDV) if they are prone to too fast eating habits. This is a condition which has been considered to be a life-threatening situation that has a fast rate of progress. 

  • Prevent Health Problems

As we all know, water plays a very vital role in the health of every animal, including humans. One of these significant roles is that it acts as a medium of eliminating most of the metabolic wastes. This means that, when dehydration happened, it may result in severe consequences some of which we will not love. 

Some of the health problems which might arise may include, the loss of electrolytes, which creates an imbalance and might lead to the death of your pet. There is also development of urinary issues following the lack of enough water in the body. There may arise blood circulation problems following loses of electrolytes and finally anemia. 

So, considering the above benefits which come along with adding water to your pet’s food and also the consequences which might follow if you fail to do so, then engaging in this act should no longer be an option but a must. Try doing it starting today onward since it one of the best way you can make your pet happy. 


On October 1st, 2015 Furry Friends Inc., a Colorado Springs pet food delivery service and retail store and Peak Pet Pantry, a nonprofit pet assistance organization partnered to serve the needy in the Colorado Springs area, including making it possible to reach the pet food needs of elderly and disabled pet owners, as well as those home-bound due to illness. The new program is named Leo and Star’s Pet Assistance on Wheels or PAWS program. Leo was one of the first cats we delivered cat food to and Star was one of the first dogs. Each recipient’s story and a picture of at least one of their pets is posted as allowed here and on our facebook page. By bringing awareness to the plea of these families, Furry Friends Inc and Peak Pet Pantry hope to provide supplemental quality pet food assistance during trying times. All donations designated PAWS will go towards the pet food delivery service. Peak Pet Pantry will continue to serve the community for those able to come to their distribution location, located in a storage unit in SecurCare Self Storage, at 4729 Astrozon Blvd, plus offering the Leo and Star’s Pet Assistance on Wheels or PAWS program. This partnership will help fill the pantry’s cupboard while getting quality pet food out into the community.

Our cost to make pet food delivery possible to reach the elderly, disabled, and home-bound pet owners:
$15.30 delivers 6 pounds of Premium Edge Cat Food to a needy household for 2 weeks
$27.00 delivers 12 pounds of Premium Edge Cat Food to a needy household for a month
$30.60 delivers 20 pounds of Healthy Pet’s Choice Lamb/Rice Dog Food to a needy household for 2 weeks
$49.60 delivers 40 pounds of Healthy Pet’s Choice Lamb/Rice Dog Food to a needy household for a month


Why donate? Because we’re all one or two paychecks away from being in need

We saw a man on the street, begging, on 7/24/13. We decided to walk up to him to see if he needed pet food. He said no, but after talking a little while he admitted he could use a chew toy & bowl for the stray husky & kitten he found. He tried to find the original owners, but neither animal was ever claimed. So he took them in, to care for them as best as he could. He committed to caring for them, for as he put it, “people can live anywhere, but pets need us to care for them.”

As life changes, families are finding themselves having to make the choice of feeding & keeping their pets or providing for themselves. Sadly but understandably, the pet has to come second and too many lose their homes and their lives because their families can’t afford to feed them. Some families go homeless so they can keep their pets.

That’s where PPP comes in. We can distribute as much as 5,000 pounds of pet food, serve over 350 families, and feed over 1,400 pets all in one month. That can add up to over 60,000 pounds of pet food, thousands of families served, and tens of thousands of animals saved in a year’s time. We hope to add nutrition to our mission. Pet food donations are repackaged and distributed from one location in the Springs area. Supplies are cleaned if needed & redistributed into the community. Cash donations go to help purchase food when our supply is low, special diets as needed, fuel and storage costs, insurance, phone cost, and vehicle repairs and maintenance as needed.


We are looking for volunteers to help maintain booth space. This position would be for 2-3 people who are willing to meet volunteer Darlene at the Artisan Marketplace in Fountain, Colorado to help put price tags on items, mark down items, and rotate inventory as this is one of our main sources of fundraising at the moment. Retail experience a plus. Please call us at 719-217-9528 or send an email to peakpetpantry at gmail dot com if interested.

We are looking for volunteers who can help bag pet food into smaller portions as well as portion out canned goods. This can happen on distribution days from 12-2 or anytime in between as coordinated with volunteers Susan or Darlene. Please call us at 719-217-9528 or send an email to peakpetpantry at gmail dot com if interested.

We are looking for volunteers who can help sort, take pictures of, and post new & used items on our FB page, our “shopping” page on our web site, as well as on CL to help with fundraising. Please call us at 719-217-9528 or send an email to peakpetpantry at gmail dot com if interested.

We are looking to recruit 1-2 new board members. The pantry’s leadership applies Biblical principles when it comes to charity, compassion, & mercy, so any board members must be okay with this. We are looking for talented people. Experience in the nonprofit world is a plus, but not required. This is a volunteer, unpaid, at least once a month or more commitment. Does not have to be ‘hands-on’ but must be willing to help with fundraising or other ‘behind-the-scenes’ activities as mutually agreed upon. If interested, we would like to talk to you. If you could bring a resume with your work/life experience, it would be helpful, but not required. To schedule an interview with our president, please call us at 719-217-9528 or email peakpetpantry at gmail dot com. Thank you.