How do I apply for assistance?

Anyone who feels they’re in need can apply for assistance. Please feel free to come to any of our locations listed below, bringing a form of ID, pet records such as a current license, shot records, or photo of each pet, and a pen to write with so we may provide you with an application you can fill out.

New HOPE card policy, effective 1/1/14:

Each household served needs one HOPE card. Multiple families in one household can not claim the same number of pets. (Example: if there are 2 families under one roof, and one family owns only two dogs when there are more in the house, that one household can only claim two dogs even if there’s more dogs in the house). We are issuing new HOPE cards in 2014, so if you have a card already from us please bring it so we may issue you a new one. If you do not have a HOPE card already, please fill out an application and bring a form of ID, plus your phone number. The HOPE cards are used just like commodity cards or cash and should be kept in a safe place such as your wallet or purse when issued, as we reserve the right to turn those away who do not bring their card. 

Where are you located?

Effective 2/16/14 We have ONE location to serve the Colorado Springs area. Effective 10/3/14 we will distribute EVERY FRIDAY from 1-2 pet food & supplies from a unit in SecurCare Self Storage, located at 4729 Astrozon Blvd 80916. We no longer distribute pet food next to Marian House nor every Thursday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

How many animals do you assist with?

As of 2/16/14 we will assist with the legal number of dogs and/or cats allowed in El Paso County or the city of Fountain depending on your residence. If a household has more than the legal number of pets, we reserve the right to assist with only 4 of the animals or refuse service, while the owner has the responsibility to provide for the remaining animals or rehome them. Per HSPPR’s web site in regards to El Paso County: “You are allowed to have four (4) adult dogs or cats, or a combination of each up to four at one residence except in properly zoned areas. An adult dog or cat is defined as a dog or cat that is 4 months of age or older.  For further information on zoning, contact (719) 520-6300.” Since we are not animal control nor the humane society, we can not dictate how many animals a person has, but we can offer assistance up to the legal number of animals.

Can I add a new pet to my application or card after I’ve already applied for assistance?

As of 2/28/14, we will no longer add additional animals to your existing application or card. For example, if a person put on their original application 3 dogs and 1 cat, then decides later on to get another dog or cat, we will only provide enough food for the 3 dogs and 1 cat mentioned on the application & card. However, if the number goes down due to a pet’s death such as old age, the owner has a choice to leave the original number of pets on their card in case they decide later to get another pet.

Do I have to bring my pet(s) with me to prove I have any?

For the safety of everyone including the pet, it is probably best not to bring them depending on the weather and the animal’s temperament.  However, as of 2/16/14 we are requesting people provide ONE form of the following in order to claim and receive assistance for the number of animals in their household: vet records, shot records, date stamped photo(s) (printed or on phone), license paperwork, adoption paperwork, or collar(s) with tag(s) for EACH pet. We would love to see a photo or have a picture emailed or texted to us to see Rover’s or Fluffy’s cute face. We love to see the pets and feed treats, but due to the number of people we serve and that not all animals get along with everyone, we ask that your animals stay home or in the vehicle if possible.

What kind of pets do you provide food for?

We provide food primarily for dogs and cats. However, occasionally we receive and distribute food for other animals such as rodents, birds, horses, fish, and other pets. Please call 719-217-9528 in advance to check on availability of other pet foods.

How many times can I come for assistance?

One person from a household may apply and receive assistance twice a month up to a period of three months. If the household receives assistance six times in three months, we ask that the household give a 30 day ‘break’ before returning.

Can I sell, return to store, or give the food I receive away?

Under NO circumstances is anyone allowed to sell or return to store the food they receive from us. When we find out the food we gave is either sold or returned to a store, that household and all members involved are cut off from further assistance indefinitely. Should someone see the food we give out for sale on craigslist or anywhere else, please let us know and provide a photo of proof if possible. If for some reason your pet(s) will not eat the food we give you, you may return it to us or give it away to another household without exchanging money or goods.

How much food do I get?

We try to take into account the number and size of animals in a household and adjust the amount of food we give to reflect this. However, because our supply fluctuates by poundage and brands, we can not guarantee the same amount nor the same brand of food each time you come. 

Do you have specialty brands, my dog’s allergic to ________?

Occasionally we receive specialty brands such as sensitive stomach or skin, prescription foods like K/D, W/D, etc, grain-free, and puppy. These foods can be requested but we can not guarantee we will have them on hand at the time of your request.