Google Ads Enables Custom Conversion Values For Store Visits

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Google Ads Enables Custom Conversion Values For Store Visits

Google is giving advertisers the ability to set custom conversion value rules for store visits and store sales.

Improving Google Ads Performance With Conversion Action Sets

If you’re looking to drive more high quality conversions from Google Ads, you need to know about Conversion Action Sets.

This update was released earlier in the year and I’ve not seen many people talk about it, yet it can improve the ROI of your campaigns if the right opportunity exists.

Key Timestamps:
Google Update (0:35)
Conversion Touch-points (1:05)
Be aware of Google’s default setting (1:40)
Get more high value conversions with Conversion Action Sets (3:20)
Creating a Conversion Action Set (4:30)
Summary (5:08)

New Ways of Creating Conversion in Google ads | New Interface Problem Solved | Google Ads Course

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These Google Ads Custom Columns Will Transform Your Campaigns Profitability

Want to level up your ability to identify issues with your campaign, easily track your conversions and profits accurately, and know how to scale things that are working well?

Use Google Ads Custom Columns!

With all the possible combinations of filters inside your campaigns dashboard, it can be confusing to look at the things that you need to track.

That’s why knowing how to add custom columns is going to play a huge role in determining the trajectory of your campaigns–and helping you make better optimization decisions.

Fortunately, John is not only going to teach you how to add custom columns, but also show you the exact custom columns that we use in Solutions 8!

Here are the four different custom columns that you’ll learn in this video:
Avg. Cart Value
Cost Per Conversion (time-based)
Profit (time adjusted)
ROAS (time adjusted)

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Custom Conversion Value Google Ads – Google Ads Event Tracking Check It Out!

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