Homepage Design & Linking Strategy For Publishers [SEO Case Study]

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Homepage Design & Linking Strategy For Publishers [SEO Case Study]

What happens when a publisher's homepage redesign dramatically reduces internal links? See what one publication learned and how it recovered.

How to Write a Blog Post That Attracts Backlinks (Case Study) [Ep 1]

In part 1 of our 3-part series, you’ll learn how to strategically write a blog post that generates links.

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We have tons of videos on content marketing, blogging and link building. But how is creating a blog post and link building connected?

There are a few facets to this.

One, content quality. It’s easier to get links to a piece of high-quality content than one that’s mediocre.

Two, search intent. Why are people searching for the topic? Do the searchers have the ability and power to link to your site?

Third, timing. Even if you have an amazing blog post, it doesn’t equate to links if it reaches people at the wrong time.

With the three facets explained, how do you turn that into a formula for writing a blog post that will attract links?

The first thing to do is to find a topic that is “link-worthy”.

You’ll learn how to do this in the video.

After you’ve found the topic you want to target, the next thing to do is to create the blog post.

In this case, we’re trying to create a stats page. But it’s tough to make a page of stats truly standout amongst other pages. They’re all going to be curated lists and there’s definitely going to be overlap between competing pages.

So, how do you make one that’s different and people want to link to?

You’ll learn the exact steps we followed to create the perfect stats blog post in the video.

And with the blog post created, it’s time to try building links to it. And this is what we’ll be doing in part 2 of the series, which is the next video.


0:00 Intro
1:06 How content and links are related
3:22 Find a proven topic that’s link-worthy
5:13 Create a page on that topic
6:29 Analyze backlink profiles of the competing pages

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SEO + Content Marketing Case Study – Zero to 1 Million Monthly Impressions, 5600 Clicks per Month

Watch this short video for SEO and Content Marketing tips [Case Study].
More here on the blog post:

If you want more “free” traffic from Google in the non-paid listings, then watch. This is a case study of a brand new domain that went from zero to monthly statistics of 1 million impressions, 5,600 clicks, and 750 unique search terms on the first page of Google. This site was in the cooking niche, which is highly competitive. We used no active link building or content outreach, and no sketchy SEO tactics – the results of the domain were achieved from on-page tactics that I cover below.

*If you found any of this video helpful, I would be grateful if you gave me a like and comment on the video. Feel free to ask any questions, and I will respond. 🙂

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—-Contents Of This Video—–
0:00 Intro
1:30 Background of the website
1:58 Key SEO achievements
2:30 SEO Tactic #1: Lots of content
3:07 SEO Tactic #2: Site Organization + SEO Silos
4:13 SEO Tactic #3: On-Page SEO
4:31 SEO Tactic #4: Technical SEO
5:39 SEO Tactic #5: Rank In Many Places

The SEO Tactics and key takeaways:

Textual Content
There is a full lineup of step-by-step recipes that are categorized into the following buckets:

Snacks and appetizers
Agua frescas
Mexican Salsas

The website has dozens of blog posts about many of the ingredients that were used in each recipe. Overall, the site has hundreds of pages.

We also linked internally from each recipe post to each blog post about that particular ingredient.

The website has hundreds of blog posts about many of the ingredients that were used in each recipe. Overall, the site has hundreds of pages.

We also linked internally from each recipe post to each blog post about that particular ingredient.

Site Organization – SEO Silos
Site organization is important for the human experience as well as for search engines and Google. Internal linking strategies play a key role.

On-Page SEO
When a search engine crawls your site and its pages, it’s essential to have the information on a page focused and consistent from top-to-bottom so it is clear what the page is about.

This means, that whatever keywords phrase, or topic you’re aiming for needs to be integrated into the page’s title tag, Meta Description, an H1 tag, and perhaps a few times throughout the content depending on the length of the content. Thus, when the search engine scrolls through the page’s HTML code from top to bottom, it sees your keyword in all these places used consistently and understands what the page is about.

Technical SEO
There are many aspects to the technical side of SEO. But two areas that will help you rank higher, and in our case study here, helped this site capture more search traffic include:

FAQ and Video Schema Markup
The video tutorials used recipe video schema markup. This was essential in letting Google know there was a video on the site and here’s what it was about. Without this video schema, our video content would have far less chance of being indexed, and less likely to show in certain video results.

Mobile Responsiveness of your website
Google uses a mobile-only index so if your site does not render well on mobile devices, it will be at a disadvantage to your competitors with a mobile-responsive website.

Google Search Console is one of the best sources of information to understand how Google perceives your site.

Rank In Many Different Places Within Google

Featured Snippet
People also ask
Site links
Knowledge panel
Image search

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SEO Case Study: 14x Search Traffic In 8 Months

�� 4 Ways To Increase Search Traffic Without Building Links:

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated.

You need to follow a set of simple steps to identify the problems with your website, fix them and develop a winning SEO strategy going forward.

You can see this in action in this SEO case study, where my team were able to 14x search traffic in only 8 months for one of our clients.

These steps were as simple as:

✔️ Conducting an SEO audit
✔️ Creating content
✔️ Building quality backlinks

But not everything was plain sailing… we were faced with some challenges that we needed to overcome.

First of all, we needed to figure out how we were gonna compete in one of the most competitive niches out there… weight loss.

We had to find an opportunity and use it in the plan of attack. You can see exactly how we did this in the full SEO case study (you will find the link in the resources section)

And.. well… the results spoke for themselves.

(you’ll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

��️ – Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction To The SEO Case Study
03:30 Keywords
04:56 SEO Audit
08:13 Creating Content
08:54 Link Building
09:21 The Results

⚙️ – Resources In The Video
SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months –

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SEO Expert Reveals How to Rank #1 in Google | Off-Page SEO Case Study [Full Transparency]

Off-page SEO is just one side of Search Engine Optimisation.

If you want to get similar resutls you need to focus on off-page SEO, and on-page SEO.

This is a case study for an SEO client I worked on, in a competitive niche with keywords that have over 110k/mo in search volume.

�� Resources mentioned:

– Quora Link Building:
– Foundation Links:
– PBN Links:
– Off-page booster package:


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