How to Use Social Media to Survive & Thrive in Tough Times

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How to Use Social Media to Survive & Thrive in Tough Times

Connecting with people can create strong brand loyalty that stands the test of time. Here are three ways businesses can do this using social media.

Digital Strategies To Help Restaurants Thrive in Tough Times | The Rebound on KGTV ABC San Diego

As restaurants and others struggle through difficult times during the pandemic, an emphasis on digital evolution and online hospitality can help them survive — and even profit.

Shawn Walchef (owner of and Sydney Lynn (from were guests on ABC News10 in San Diego to talk about the state of restaurants and how small businesses can adapt to the moment in order to survive in a digital future.


Four strategies to help the restaurants profit during the pandemic:

1. Find your breakeven point. Learn how much money you can expect per customer.
2. Analyze your budget and find ways to cut. That could mean layoffs.
3. Change your menu to see if you need to raise prices or remove items to streamline the kitchen operations.
4. Bring your brand into the online space, emphasizing the customer experience on your website, app, and social media. Use digital marketing and digital media to your advantage.


In order to make smart money choices, it’s important to know the financial data from your business so you can turn your actions into profit. Restaurant industry margins are notoriously slim. During a pandemic like in 2020, they can be non-existent. That is if you don’t have a proper strategy in place to pivot and adjust.

Restaurants must focus on guests digital experience now more than ever, so they can be profitable during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

“What we’ve been doing is really focusing on doing break-even analysis with our clients,” said Sydney Lynn, Director of Planning Advisory Services with Restaurant Solutions. “Restaurant entrepreneurs and owners are the most creative and innovative folks you’ll know. So if anyone can pivot, it will be them.”

Restaurant Solutions Inc (RSI) is an accounting management and operations service for restaurants. It is supported by industry experts as a way to ensure more profits and the power to #FocusOnFoodNotFinances. Cali BBQ is a longtime client of Restaurant Solutions.

For more COVID-19 restaurant resources and help from RSI visit

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How can publishers thrive in challenging times?

Leonie May, WoodWing’s Product Marketing Manager, presents ‘How publishers can thrive in challenging times’ from the recent FIPP World Congress in London.

She explores some of the common challenges traditional publishers face and how they can overcome these.
Watch to gain insights into:
– Dealing with increased competition,
– Changes in audience behavior, and
– Why it’s imperative to change the way we work.

Following the presentation is a short three minute demonstration of our upcoming product Enterprise Aurora (due out later this year).

How to Break Your Social Media Addiction

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Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

‘Deep work’ will make you better at what you do. You will achieve more in less time. And feel the sense of true fulfillment that comes from the mastery of a skill.

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