Microsoft Ads Unveils New Smart Campaign Features

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Microsoft Ads Unveils New Smart Campaign Features

The newest update to Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns includes a multi-platform feature, giving them a competitive advantage over Google.

New Features | Student assignment search tool for Microsoft Teams and new IT Admin features.

In this video, we introduce our latest features for Microsoft Teams Assignments designed to address the challenges faced by schools in managing student assignments. The new Student Assignment Search tool using CDB enables teachers to get a complete picture of a student’s academic progress and provide better student support and wellbeing. This feature is particularly useful for Heads of year, Registration group teachers, Pastoral, Intervention, and the tool is accessible to all teaching staff.

We also give a sneak peek into the upcoming assignment drill down feature. The video also covers the new IT Admin features including the School data page and SDS Status page. The School data page provides information on excluded, merged, and renamed subjects, year groupings, and is accessible to school managers. The SDS Status page enables school managers for cloud provisioning customers to track time data last received from MIS, time data sent to MS SDS, and unmatched users.

Overall, this video provides an in-depth overview of the new Cloud Design Box features for Microsoft Teams Assignments and IT Admins, and how they can benefit schools in managing student assignments efficiently. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more updates on the latest features for Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Ads Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

Microsoft Ads Dynamic Search Ads are very similar to Google’s, but there are some differences in the set up as well as the control advertisers have. This video walks through everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft DSA campaigns for the first time. We’ll cover the campaign settings, how to choose your targets, basic example of a page feed, and how DSA ads look compared to typical Search Network ads.

0:32 – How to Create DSA in Microsoft
1:25 – Microsoft DSA Campaign Settings
2:26 – Thoughts for Pages to Exclude from DSA Campaigns
3:13 – Creating a URL Page Feed for Microsoft DSA Campaigns
6:56 – Dynamic Ad Targeting Options within Microsoft Ads
9:34 – Creating Dynamic Search Ads
11:04 – Adding Ad Extensions to Microsoft DSA Campaigns
11:55 – Excluding Search Keywords from DSA
13:17 – Using Dynamic Targets as Exclusions

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Microsoft Ads Case Study – [NEUROTONIX] – $5,532 PROFIT & 300% ROI Campaign! – The #’s are CRAZY!

In this ClickBank case study on Microsoft Ads, I tackle Brahim’s account and go over ways to help him improve his campaign so he can start seeing sales for NEUROTONIX – a product that is no longer available for new affiliates.

How to Promote Affiliate Products on Google Ads | Google Ads-APPROVED 2023 Method:

We delve into the pros of his campaign, the cons, and then dive into ways for him to improve his campaign so he can start seeing sales.

Brahim contacted me and asked if I could help improve his campaign to get cheaper CPC. We do just that in this video, and we will then monitor this campaign and see if our optimization techniques got him any conversions and any sales over the next few weeks assuming he implements the changes.

If you want me to do the same for your campaign, send me an email to [email protected] with your Microsoft Ads account ID and I’ll see if I can give as thorough a review for your campaign!

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
2:32 – Campaign overview & what I like
6:00 – Some MINOR things we can improve
16:09 – Some MAJOR things we can improve
17:43 – Keyword optimization
37:08 – Device optimization
40:07 – Location optimization
49:33 – Demographic optimization
55:09 – Time of day optimization
1:00:26 – Recap

And that is it for this case study on Microsoft Ads with this affiliate product! If you want me to go into as much detail for your campaign and help you generate sales, send me an email with your Microsoft Ads or Google Ads account ID to [email protected] and I can make a case study for your campaign!

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