Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022: Oracle Survey Results

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Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022: Oracle Survey Results

Which challenges, opportunities, martech solutions and performance metrics are trending right now? See the findings from Oracle's survey.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends To Apply To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Nowadays, digital marketing has become an essential part of every business. So, as a business owner it’s necessary to be updated with all the recent Digital Marketing trends.

If you are a digital marketer then you also must have researched about the latest Digital marketing trends that can help your business to grow faster.

The Digital Marketers have to constantly invest some time and energy in upskill and have to be updated with the latest trends.

Don’t assume that the strategies you have followed in 2021 will also work in 2022 because the algorithms keep on updating very frequently.

Applying the recent digital marketing trends in your business will help you to grow your business faster and remain ahead of the competition.

Are you aware of the latest Digital Marketing Trends?

If not, then just watch this video and learn about the top 7 Digital Marketing Trends you need to apply for better results.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2023

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Find out the Digital Marketing Trends we’re seeing in 2023 in our video.

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1. On & Offline Marketing Realign (0:44)
2. Gen Z “Enters the Chat” (2:27)
3. TikTok Continues to Dominate (4:05)
4. Emphasis on CX (5:40)
5. Authenticity & Transparency (7:00)
6. Integration of AI Tools (8:42)
7. Podcast & Audio Marketing (10:03)
8. Employee Advocates & Influencers (12:41)
9. A Shift in SEO & Search (14:16)

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