7 Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Enterprise SEO Freelancers

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7 Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Enterprise SEO Freelancers

Outsourcing some of your enterprise SEO to freelancers? These tips will help you get the best work product and have a successful partnership.

Earn ₱700K (OR MORE) Yearly! | SEO Specialist Salary Comparison | Freelancing Philippines

Aside from the lifestyle perks of becoming an SEO Specialist, it’s a no-brainer to think about the salary benefits we’ll get if we switch to an SEO-oriented career.

In this quick video, we’ll talk about SEO Specialist salaries in the Philippines and how you can maximize your earning potential using 3 common-sense strategies.

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6 Expert Tips to Master & Boost your SEO Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a vital key in any businesses inbound marketing strategy so it’s important to understand the basics. For those who are fresh to SEO, it is defined as “the process of impacting the visibility of a website or a web page in a SERP (Search Engine’s Unpaid Results Page).”

In normal terms, SEO is the process of optimising your online website content (your web pages, blogs etc) so that search engines think your content is informative and highly optimised quality content. If Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines think your content is quality, they’ll show your page as the top organic search result for the keywords you have targeted in your website/web page.

Watch this video to find our 6 expert tips steps that will help you master and rank better on Google in 2020.


0:00 Start
0:36 What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?
1:31 6 tips to put yourself in the best position to rank better on Google
2:01 Why the end user is important?
3:18 The importance of backlinks for SEO
4:18 Google search is not the only place
5:15 Mobile optimization is the key
6:07 Old website content may become useful
6:52 Content quality is crucial
7:27 Conclusion

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Local SEO – 6 GROWTH HACKING TIPS to Rank Your Business Higher on Google in 2022

Local SEO or, local search engine optimisation is by far the most effective way of attracting new customers to your business as it helps you rank higher in search engines.
But since 87% of all searches are conducted on Google, your best chance of driving more leads is to focus your local SEO efforts on Google alone.
In this video, I reveal 6 proven growth hacking tips that will help rank Your Business Higher on Google in 2022.
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0:00 intro
0:42 Get your business name right
3:04 Optimise your content pages
5:22 Easy content creation
8:01 Add external links to your site
9:10 Create pages for specific services
10:36 Create city pages
I Ranked a Google My Business Listing N#1 in 96 hrs
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How find relevant FAQ content in just three clicks
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How Much Do SEO Freelancers Make? | SEO Tips

In today’s Daily SEO Tips video, I’m going to discuss how much SEO freelancers can make.

If you have any SEO questions, make sure to watch one of my other videos for more SEO tips. If you thought this video was helpful, click that subscribe for more SEO tips.
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You guys are ready to start making money with SEO, make sure to continue watching this video. Now. Welcome to Casey’s SEO. And we’re going to talk about how much money you can make as a freelancer by doing SEO SEO. But first, please make sure to hit that subscribe and like button if you want more SEO tips.

And if you have any questions, please send me an email. I will personally help you out. Now let’s get back to the video and I’m going to explain to you guys how much money you can make by doing SEO. Generally speaking, if you live in the USA right now, you should be charging a minimum of $100 an hour if you know what you’re doing. Now I say if you know what you’re doing because it honestly depends on your skill level and what company you are working with for the amount of money that you guys can make.

So if you’re just starting out and you know all the basics, you know how to run an SEO audit, you know everything, but you just feel that you’re not quite there yet, then I suggest you charge a little bit less just to get some more practice until you feel more proficient with your SEO skills. Now how much less am I talking about? I honestly think you can still be getting thirty dollars to fifty dollars an hour as a freelancer. Right now, agencies are charging anywhere from $100. If you have the experience of somebody that works at an agency, there’s honestly no reason why you guys can’t be charging a very similar rate to an agency in your area.

Now it all comes down to where you can find your clients that will be willing to pay that kind of money. Into my next video, I’m going to tell you guys where you can find some of these clients. But it’s not going to be as easy as everyone thinks it is. So how much can you make as a freelancer? I would be charging between $50 and $150 an hour.

It all just depends on the project, how many hours that client is going to be paying for, and the complexity of that project. If the project is really simple and you don’t need to put that much time in it, then you could charge let’s say five to 10 hours a month. And that could be anywhere from five hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars for that SEO plan. Now if it’s a project that you don’t want to work on, but you can increase your price to try to push that client away, then I suggest charging more. So maybe you want to charge $150 $200 an hour.

And if that client still really wants to pay that, either because they know who you are or they know what you can do, then maybe you end up taking it just to make that extra amount of money and kind of deal with the headache that, you know, that that project might bring. But in the end, it’s really up to you and how much you want to charge. Maybe you just want some extra work and you don’t feel that you need to charge $150 an hour. Maybe you’re okay with charging $30 an hour. And that is really fine, because in the long run, it’s up to you and it’s your time and it’s your money.

But just remember, if you’ve put in the time, you have the years of experience, you know what you’re doing, and you can market yourself, then you can charge a little bit more than somebody that’s just starting out, trying to find any client that will pay them anything so they can put some more money in their pocket into gain experience. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Once again, please make sure to hit that like and subscribe button. And if you guys have any questions, comments, please let me know. And if you need to send me an email because you need some help, I would love to help you guys out.

So make sure to send me those emails.