Remembering Bill Slawski: SEO Legend, Mentor & Friend

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Remembering Bill Slawski: SEO Legend, Mentor & Friend

Thank you, Bill, for sharing your intelligence, passion, and knowledge with the SEO community. You will be sorely missed.

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A symposium at the Spring American Chemical Society National Meeting in Indianapolis
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Organizer and Host: Bassam Shakhashiri
Speakers: Madeleine Jacobs, Richard Zare, Susan Morrissey, Geraldine Richmond, Dominique Brossard, Kathleen Jamieson, Shirley Malcom, and Holden Thorp.

How a Little Science Can Wildly Increase Prospect Engagement (with Bill Cates) – 299

Bill Cates is a referral marketing expert who has spent his career in the financial services space. He has founded and sold 2 publishing companies, has written 4 best-selling books, and is an in-demand speaker. His client acquisition system has been featured in a long list of reputable publications, including Success magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Money magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. In this week’s episode, we talk about his most recent book, Radical Relevance: Sharpen Your Marketing Message, Cut Through the Noise, Win More Ideal Clients, and what’s really cool is how he talks about science proving the marketing advice Josh and I are constantly promoting.

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Visit radicalrelevance.com to get a copy of Bill’s book.

Visit referralcoach.com to learn more about Bill’s relationship marketing and client acquisition system.

0:00 Introduction
1:22 Guest bio
2:23 The origins of Radical Relevance
4:18 Defining Radical Relevance
5:43 Strategic and tactical relevance
6:55 Rule 1: The shortest route to relevance is an introduction
7:35 Rule 2: Give your clients a seat at the table
10:37 Rule 3: Feel empathy for your clients
11:44 Neuroscience can help you win more clients
19:06 The more powerful persuader—pain and reward
24:06 Client who grew 900% in 7 years
28:14 The 3 types of client events
30:45 Bill’s routines for success
33:58 Action Item

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#seozraz webinar with Bill Slawski (SEO by the Sea) : Google Patents: How do they influence search?

Bill Slawski will talk about Google patents used for search and related technologies such as knowledge graph, indexing, using multiple device signals for personalized knowledge graphs and more.

Bill Slawski is the Author at the SEO by the Sea blog, and writes about patents and white papers from the search engines. He is also the Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital.

Presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/billslawski/william-slawskigooglepatents-howdotheyinfluencesearch?from_m_app=android